Our Favorite Staffing Pro Answers Some Questions

CLICK IT would like to introduce you to Michael Boone, our Investor and Advisor. With nearly 40 years of leadership experience in the staffing industry, Mr. Boone has led 12 staffing companies across the country.

How did you get started in the staffing industry?

I started in the staffing industry in 1964 with Kelly Girl. My first check was from Kelly Girl, now known as Kelly Services. Louisville, was Kelly Girl Inc.’s second office. Basically, we were selling “A temp for a day,” ie if your office worker went on vacation and you needed some one to replace that person, we were there to replace that person. Kelly also calculated the inventory books for a national chain of stores. In 1965 the national chain stores would close all there stores for a day or two and all of the store employees would count each item by hand and record the number and price in a large ledger book. This chain had over 3,000 stores. All 3,000 books were sent to the Kelly office in Louisville. For a fee per book, we calculated the retail value for each store and sent it to the client’s auditing dept. We used a full bank adding machine called a Comptometer. We recruited as many Comptometer operators we could find. God stopped making comptometer operators in 1910 and they were highly skilled people and very hard to find. That was my first experience with “Out sourcing”. It was a lot of fun and very profitable for the company.

Do you feel the staffing industry has grown since you got started 20 years ago?

The staffing industry has grown from a temp for a day, to out sourcing of all types of services and skills. In 1970 employers believed they had to have control over the person with the skills in order to get things done by employing them. That was before all the labor laws. In 1968 IBM with automation systems hit the office and short-term projects with short-term workers were needed in the work place. Workers wanted to work in the company environment for a time before they made a commitment to go full time, 52 weeks of the year. Both employees and employers had mutual need and business grew.

What are the main reasons you chose to start your own staffing company?

I worked for a national for ten years and every year I produced more business than many others in the company yet I got the same raise. So I decided to control my own income and started my own business.

Why did you choose to focus on the IT side of business?

It has the highest demand, the most changes and the best profits. Plus, there is always something new coming down the road that causes client companies and client employees to stay sharp. I looked for companies that were under going change. They need my services. This is a great environment to be in for my personality.

In your opinion, why should companies use a staffing company?

When client companies use a staffing company they can see how people work in their new environment, and it works the other way also. The employee can see and test the company before they make that long-term commitment. Everyone deserves a job that they can enjoy, have fun and receive a psychic satisfaction from a days work. If you look around you can find that job. If you find a job that you enjoy and get that satisfaction then you will never have to work a day in your life. Staffing Companies give people that chance.

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs who may want to get started in the staffing industry?

If you enjoy your job, having fun and are rewarded adequately, stay with, you’re one of the lucky ones. However, if you think you can out produce your other team mates, enjoy helping clients and applicants make the right connection, and can live with the ups and downs that comes with dealing with people, then being an entrepreneur may be right for you. For me personally, I always had the fear of the later years in my life saying “If I had only tried it my way where would I be ?”

Where do you hope to see CLICK IT is 10 years?

CLICK IT wants the type of entrepreneurs we talked about above. There are many out in the market place but their timing might no be right. They may have what is call the “Golden Handcuff”, or they are getting rewarded in their current position, but what I do know is, times do change and when that happens, if top producers are not happy, they look around. We hope we will get our share of them. “People do business with people they know and trust and have full confidence.” That is the type of person we want at CLICK IT. The answer is how many of this type of managers/entrepreneurs we can find and offer the challenge that will satisfy their need.

Any last words for our readers?

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”

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