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President of CLICK IT Staffing, Sam Smith, took the time to answer some questions about the staffing industry.

How did you get started in the staffing industry?
A high school friend introduced me to the staffing industry in 1991.

Do you feel the industry has grown since you got started over 20 years ago?
The staffing industry has grown and will continue to grow due to economic uncertainty and the significant shortage of STEM professionals.

What are the main reasons you chose to start your own staffing firm?
I want to serve others on an individual basis; it is truly about the relationship. I want my number one focus to be on fulfilling the needs of our candidates and clients.

Why did you decide to focus on the IT side of business?
Technology changes lives and it is ever changing – to me, that’s exciting.

In your opinion, why should companies use recruiters?
Very simple – to help alleviate uncertainty.

Do you have any advice for those wanting to get started in the staffing industry?
Surround yourself with the best talent available and remove any noise or obstacles to their success. Coach, but allow them to be creative – I learn something valuable from my team on a regular basis.

Where do you hope to see CLICK IT in ten years?
To be a business pillar within the communities where we are located. A company recognized for its integrity and respect for those we serve.

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