Become an IT Superhero

Can you imagine yourself with superpowers? I am sure we all have in the past. But there’s something to be said about striving to be “SUPER”. We certainly have a vast amount of information at our fingertips – mentors and other resources that can help us all grow professionally.

Do you know WHY it would be important to consider becoming a super version of yourself? Because it makes you an IDEAL job candidate, that’s why!

Those of you who make the most of those learning moments and professional development opportunities to improve your skills and job performance continue to take careers to the next level, FASTER. When hiring managers talk to these kind of individuals, whether its software development, database design or infrastructure support, it’s very obvious that is shows who is in charge of their career progression. YOU are!

It shows you leverage the learning moments at work and that you are continually seeking out ways to improve your skills outside of work (mentorship, online portals etc.). Just think of the impression you would make during your next interview with a hiring manager, where you can discuss a project, issues with the project and steps that you took to work through it. You will be able to address these questions with total confidence. You will be able to speak to how you’re working towards a specific career goal and you’re able to talk about the steps you’ve taken to reach that goal. That speaks volumes to hiring managers 98% of the time. That kind of proactive, take charge-attitude is music to a hiring manager’s ear!

So if you’re looking for some resources to help you manage your career progression, please contact CLICK IT!

Tina Nicholson – CLICK IT

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